Ableton is one of the trickier integrations in the growing list of Gobbler supported DAWs.  What’s unique about Ableton, is the complexity of the project file structure.  With Ableton, it’s not uncommon for many of the audio files associated with a project to be saved in a folder other then the project folder.  Files used in Ableton don’t necessarily need to sit in the specific project file directory, so sometimes a file or sample, if not properly saved, can go undetected by Gobbler.

To optimize Gobbler for Ableton, you need to have all of all of the files associated with that project/song in the the folder containing your Ableton project file.  We are encouraging users to use Ableton’s “Collect & Save” feature to achieve this.  Jon Margulies, a leading expert on Ableton Live, has a great blog called Heatercore. He’s got some amazing & simple tutorials on how to use the “Collect All” function in Ableton, so head over and take a quick look.

HEATERCORE: Collaborating in Ableton with Collect All

While this is one way for you to optimize Ableton files for Gobbler, it’s by no means the only way.  We’re still learning how to make Gobbler and Ableton work even better together, so if you have tips, advice, or feedback, please share it with the community so we can all learn from it.

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