Jake Antellis is an up-and-comer in the world of producing & engineering.  As a Gobbler user, with tons of experience & credits under his belt, he’s been making quite the impression in the audio world.  This week, Jake shares a Pro Tools tip on cleaning up & condensing your session before sending it off!

So you’re done tracking your next hit, what next? well before either mixing it on your own, or sending it out to a mix engineer, the next logical step would be some spring cleaning. Getting rid of tracks that aren’t in use, as well as regions in the session, makes it all nice and lean and running smooth come mix time.

Heres a quick way to accomplish this in Avid ProTools

Before you start deleting stuff iI’d recommend you save a copy of the tracking session with all extra files you may have saved in it. You can do this by going to File > Save COPY in ( make sure the box that says ALL audio files is selected)  Let it run and you are finished with this step









Now on to cleaning …







Select all of your tracks in the edit window from start to finish










Press Shift Option 3 to consolidate your tracks

Shift Command U – to select all unused regions ( data) in a session

Shift Command B- to clear selected regions

Hold down option ( to delete ALL unused ) and then click either DELETE or Remove depending on what you want.  I personally delete the files and

You now have a clean session!









*NOTE  there are  many more things one may do before sending out a session when having someone else mix it but each engineer has his own preference, so i kept this more about cleaning up a session  in prep for mix, rather than organizing it for a mix )

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