Sidechaining is a main componenent of a lot of the dance, electronic & pop music that has been coming out over the past few years.  Today, AfroDJMac shows you how get it popping in this awesome tutorial!

Hello, this is New York-based producer, songwriter, guitarist, and live electronic musician AfroDJMac.  I like to describe my music as being futuristic yet nostalgic: it’s a blend of indie rock, electronica, glitch, and chip tunes, all wrapped up into catchy, fun, and sometimes introspective songs.  It’s music that is great for a party, yet has another layer — perfect for a night alone contemplating life’s larger questions.

I’ve gotten myself pretty involved in the Ableton Live community by releasing a free Ableton Live Device Rack every week for the last 20 weeks and have no plans of stopping.  I try to create instruments and effects that have lots of character and are practical for the live electronic musician.  Stop by my site and check them out (even if you aren’t an Ableton Live user, the samples may come in handy).

I’m excited to write for SonicScoop to share some of the knowledge that I‘ve picked up along the way. For my big debut, let’s take a look at the dark art of sidechaining.

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