New Features


Send To Public is here!

Gobbler users now have the option to send files to anybody in the world, and they can download it without signing up for Gobbler.

Using this feature is simple. Go to the send file window like you always have. Once you are ready to send your files there is one more step. Click the ‘Options…’ button on the bottom left of the send file window and check ‘send public link.’ The recipient will still get email telling them they’ve been shared a file and a link which will allow them to download the files via the web. Gobbler will construct a .zip file of everything that was shared and the downloading will begin.
Since these links are public and can be shared and downloaded by anybody, Gobbler does the following: The first is that all downloads in after the first successful applied towards your Transfer Quota for that month. The second is that the share link will expire (and become inaccessible) after seven days. These are both to help prevent Gobbler from being used for the wrong reasons… We hope you
understand. Remember that downloading with the Gobbler application has neither limitation and is way faster.
The ‘Send Public Link’ checkbox is not permanently stored; You have to explicitly enable this for every time you wish to use this feature.

If you wish to publicly send files to more than one recipient, enter their email addresses in the To: field of the Send Files dialog.
Note that doing charges your Transfer Quota on a per-recipient basis.

To see how all of this works watch this video:

The Keychain Is Back!

Gobbler is back in your Keychain for your convenience and security. By default, Gobbler will not store any logins or passwords used to log in, but if you click ‘Store passwords in Keychain’ (this requires an admin password to change), you will enable Gobbler to save your login using the OS X Keychain. When you log in thereafter, Gobbler will ask permission before using your stored login and password to log you in automatically every time you start Gobbler. From there on out, Gobbler will no longer prompt you for your username or password when starting. If you log out, Gobbler will again prompt you to log in the next time
it is started.

Bugfixes & Improvements

* You can now pause, resume, or cancel multiple transfers at once.
* Geo-tagging should now again work properly in Lion and Snow Leopard. Gobbler may cause Core Location permission dialogs (‘Gobbler wants to use your current location’) to appear in Snow Leopard and
* Fixed bugs preventing the Transfers Window from correctly displaying the progress, ETA and transfer rate of uploads
* Fixed a bug where resizing Transfers Window columns caused the progress bar to draw itself in the wrong place
* Fixed a bug that caused inaccurate selecting an item among queued items in the Transfers Window.
* Fixed a bug that caused Gobbler not to resume Snoozed Transfers.
* Fixed a bug that stripped file extensions from .rsn, .record and .band files when shared with Gobbler.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when the default OS language was set to East Asian languages.
* Fixed a crash that would occur when sorting items in the Transfers Window.
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