Hi Everyone,

We wanted to thank you all for being such amazing beta testers. Your insights and ideas have really helped to make Gobbler a stand out product and we can’t thank you enough.

Many have asked what is going to happen to their storage once we start charging.  Here’s our plan: Gobbler is going to officially launch our paid service on Feb 1, 2012.

For everyone who signed up for Gobbler prior to Dec 7th 2011 (and has logged into Gobbler at least once using our client software), you will keep your Gobbler accounts for free until Feb 1, 2013 (a full year of free service). Whatever amount of storage you have accumulated by getting your friends to sign up will be included in that amount. So if you currently have 75GB or 150GB of storage it’s yours for free for a whole year. You will continue to be able to accumulate storage during that year. On Feb 1 2013 when the free year is up your will be grandfathered in at our lowest price of $7.95 per month for life no matter how many gigs of storage your have earned between now and Feb 1 2013.

This is our way of saying thank you for being amazing.

We appreciate all the love, feedback, and ideas we’ve gotten from all of you throughout the beta we are so excited about where things are headed…Stay tuned and keep the feedback coming!


Chris Kantrowitz

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