Rik Simpson is a Grammy award-winning producer, mixer & engineer and is a dear friend of the Gobbler team. He’s currently posted up in NYC & working with Coldplay, finishing up their next studio album. To see a list of some other artists Rik’s worked with, including Jay-Z, Portishead, and Natalie Imbruglia, click on his discography here.


How have you integrated Gobbler into your workflow?

It runs in the background on my laptops, backing up all my current projects. My laptops tend to be creative sound factories, sources for synths, samplers and fx. I’ll also take them home to comp vocals and other bits.


Tell us a little about your background in the music business/audio….

I started very young making tea in a big SSL studio while also in a band with dreams of rock godhood…a couple of decades later I’m still here. Needless to say my tea making skills are exemplary…


What is your favorite record at the moment?

I’m actually listening to Skying by The Horrors right now


If you were on a desert island and could take just a few pieces of gear, what would they be?

A ukelele and an Eventide H8000


Preferred DAW?

It hasn’t been invented yet


Give us a situation where Gobbler has saved the day and/or a time when you could have really used a software like Gobbler?

I was in NYC and had left a disk at home in London and needed some old takes of vocals which luckily resided on the Gobbler Cloud…..joy


What is your Website/Twitter/Anything you want to plug?

riksimpson.com & @rikademus

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