The upload throttle feature is one of many features that have been implemented by popular request by our users. This upload throttle allows you to control how aggressively Gobbler uploads while you’re working in your DAW and can be accessed via the preference pane seen below.

Access Preference Pane from Menu Bar

Select Throttle from the Preference Pane

MIN setting: Gentle Gobbler! Gobbler will lie dormant while you’re working in your DAW unless you step back from the desk for 3 minutes or more.

MID setting: Will ONLY allow user initiated transfers i.e. initial backup, send, download. Will wait for 3 mins of inactivity before it does an auto backup. Gobbler does not auto-backup the project you’re working on in MID setting.

MAX setting: Greedy Gobbler! Will actively send, backup, and download while you work in your DAW. Auto backups will be initiated every 10 mins for the project you’re working on.

If the project you’re working on gets modified DURING an auto backup, Gobbler will pause for a minute or so before resuming the backup.

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