We’re bringing back SonicScoop Wednesdays with a 60-second read that will make you a whole lot “smarterer.”

The Scarecrow only needed a brain. The Tin Man only needed a heart. The Cowardly Lion only needed courage.  And Dorothy, she only needed to believe to get back home.

Wisdom. Compassion. Courage. Faith.

The message? Obtain each of these qualities and you have all the tools you will ever need to get to the place you want to go in this life (but you already possess these tools. You always did).

Ah, the irony. I love it. It’s just that something about that list feels…incomplete.

I think there should have been one other character in The Wizard of Oz to complete the package. We’ll call them…the Frustrated Artist. Yeah, that’s it. And there’s just this one quality they wish they had.

Mother Nature has it. A Buddhist monk has it. Miles Davis had it.


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