Integration Will Provide Media Creators with More Tools for Sharing, Storing, and Collaborating in the Cloud

By Chris Kantrowitz, CEO, Gobbler

Today Gobbler, the purpose-built cloud backup and collaboration solution for media creators, and Box, the leading enterprise content sharing platform, unveiled a sneak peek of an upcoming collaboration on stage at AllThingsD’s D10 conference. Available later this year, the Gobbler and Box integration offers a wide array of collaboration options by linking Box’s content sharing tools with Gobbler’s infrastructure designed to solve the needs of the media creator generation. Joining me on stage at D10 was GRAMMY Award-winning artist John Legend.

The Gobbler and Box integration will enable users to securely store, collaborate on, and share large media projects via the Box and Gobbler clouds. Media creators will have additional tools for sharing and collaborating on their projects in much the same way as enterprise users. Gobbler will enable Box users to find important files located anywhere on their computers and easily upload them to Box, where they can manage tasks, leave comments and collaborate.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • Gobbler will scan your entire workstation to quickly locate and upload documents (spreadsheets, documents, presentations, etc.) into Box.
  • Media files securely stored in the Gobbler cloud will appear in your Box account.
  • From Box, you will be able to organize and share your files, no matter how large.
  • Gobbler will automatically update your documents on Box with the latest versions from anywhere on your hard drives.

The needs of enterprise customers and media creators are increasingly starting to overlap. We see a huge opportunity to create a purpose-built cloud solution that bridges the gap between these two worlds. Box is one of the most trusted names in enterprise collaboration and content management, and integrating the Gobbler experience with the Box platform provides media creators with a powerful way to quickly and securely share their most valuable assets – their creations. The integration will also expand the reach of Gobbler’s suite of media-focused sharing and cloud services to Box’s 11 million users, 8,000 developer partners, and 120,000 businesses using its products globally.

Adding to the good news, we also announced that John Legend will be joining Gobbler’s Board of Advisors. With more than a decade of experience as a creator and performer, John will offer an artist’s perspective as we continue to build purpose-built cloud solutions.

Look for more information on the Box and Gobbler integration later this year.

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