When our friend, Johnny Knittle, let us know he’d found a new way to integrate Gobbler into his workflow, we knew we needed to share it with the rest of the community! Check out how Johnny uses Gobbler to better track his projects in 2 simple steps.

“So a new use of Gobbler in my workflow has emerged: A better session locator. I like to think I’m pretty organized but with the GobbGUI I have been able to quickly search for and either open or examine sessions. I just had to find a session from over a year ago and I found it and opened it in a flash wihtout having to search my hard drives. Even better, I don’t have to plug my old hard drives in to find it, Gobbler can tell me which drive it was on if I don’t feel like downloading it. This is very handy. It’s almost like a quasi FileMaker for audio sessions.”

Johnny Knittle – Composer


Below you can see all the projects that Gobbler has scanned into the system. The backed up projects are denoted by either a lock or a cloud to the right of the file size, whereas the projects without an image have been scanned but NOT backed up.


Let’s say Johnny wanted to find out which drive a Pro Tools project called “3.14.12″ was located on. He’d select that project from the list and a menu would appear. The menu would them tell him the name and location of the drive he was looking for.


Finally, he’d open up the closet, figure out which hard drive is “DasDrive”, and let the fun being. If it was backed up, he could download it to his computer. Simple as that.

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