The team at Tone2 is hooking you up with 2 analog modeling SAURUS virtual instruments. Now you can create those fat bass sounds and vintage synths on the fly! SAURUS is easy on the CPU (which everyone loves) and even contains the epic synth patch from Van Halen – Jump. Get ready to bust out some Van Halen remixes after you win!

This contest is only for today, so make sure to read the rules below…..

To be eligible to win you must complete steps one AND two.

1. Go to our Twitter or Facebook pages & RT or share the Gobbler’s Favorite Things post of the day.

2. Login or Sign up for a Gobbler account and invite a friend via the Gobbler invite webpage. You must invite at least ONE user to be eligible. Watch the video below for more information on inviting friends to join Gobbler. 


1. To enter: RT via Twitter or share via Facebook the Tone2/Gobbler post for the particular day of the contest. Contestants must also invite one person via the website.

2. Contest starts 9:00AM PDT 6/6/12 and ends 11:59:59PM PDT on 6/6/12.

3. Two (2) winners will be announced 6/7/12 and each winner will receive one (1) SAURUS Synth by Tone2.

4. All contestants must be at least 18 years of age to enter.

5. Gobbler may amend or terminate this program at its sole discretion.






About SAURUS Analog Synthesizer

True analog sound with state of art functionality!

It has been the aim of developers the world over to bring the best “Virtual Analog” synths possible to re-create the sound of classic hardware.
However, unlike many competitors who sell ‘Virtual Analog Synthesizers’ which are at best mere approximations of what happens in the real world, we set out to create not just another synthesizer with character, but one that truly represents the sound of analog hardware.

We carefully measured and modeled the circuits of many classic performance synthesizers, even including single capacitors and resistors to provide an extremely accurate analog model, faithfully capturing the spirit and character of these old machines.

Main Features:

  • True Analog Modeling Technology, covers all important aspects of traditional analog synths
  • Low CPU and high reliability
  • Low price
  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Mono, Legato & Polyphonic modes employing analog voice management
  • Two Syncable Oscillators and two Sub Oscillators
  • Includes not just standard waveforms but also a large number of exotic ones
  • Pulse Width Modulation and Oscillator Sync applicable to every waveform
  • Oscillator Drift, Phase and Noise Modulation controls
  • Noise FM, AM and Ring Modulation for Oscillators
  • Analog filter with self-oscillation, nonlinearity, 6 filter types, FM and feedback
  • LFOs and modulation capable of running at audio-rate
  • Powerful Arpeggiator with extensive configuration possibilities
  • Flexible Modulation Matrix with new features, including a filter
  • Programmable gate
  • 4x Stereo Unison modes with spread and panning control
  • Analog modeled Distortion and Tube amp
  • Optional Psycho-Acoustic processing
  • Ships with 563 outstanding presets from 21 top sound designers
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