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Digital Music News spent most of Friday morning locking horns with Grooveshark attorneys in LA Superior Court (yes, again).  And, there’s plenty more; we’ll have updates ahead on where judicial decisions and discussions are moving.

Is there still magic at the Palladium?  These days, the entrance is in the back, it’s a mish-mish of concrete slabs with rough edges everywhere; it’s a place to see shows.  Either way, it’s valuable real estate and it’s for sale: according to the Hollywood Reporter, the oft-used venue is being sold by the mysterious ‘LSREF 2 Clover Property 4 LLC,’ with a pricetag floating in the $60 million range.

If only the CD hadn’t imploded.  Metallica is now cooking a 3D movie, and compiling footage from their current tour.  Expect a mulitiplex release in the summer of 2013.

The meltdown is starting to harden.  On Friday, shares of Facebook (FB) slumped another 1.88 percent to $27.72, part of a broader Wall Street decline.

Which brings us to Sirius XM Radio (SIRI), the permanently-beleaguered stock that was being heavily-traded on Friday. In the background is a possible attempt by Liberty Media chief John Malone to assume controlling interest.  Liberty currently has a 46.2 percent stake; a showdown with current-CEO Mel Karmazin could be ahead.

Beyond symbolic: Sony stock has just dipped below the 1,000 (yen) mark on Japan’s Nikkei, the first time since 1980.  The Walkman was introduced in 1979.

We’ve heard that Gobbler recently gobbled a giant round, but no one’s talking (at least to us).  But there’s other stuff happening: John Legend has just joined the Gobbler board, and the media-focused storage and collaboration company just announced a pair-up with enterprise cloud solution

Is a post-Tupac hologram tidal wave coming ashore?  A virtual Marilyn Monroe tour is under discussion, and Usher is already incorporating holograms into an upcoming, live-streamed performance in London.  Sounds like a fantastically blank canvass, though there are ‘virtually’ endless legal and logistical questions ahead on this front.

EDMGate? or… EDMHate?  Excision is now responding to accusations that he, Deadmau5SkrillexAvicciSteve Aoki, and David Guetta are all purchasing fake Facebook fans.  The possibility first emerged after an image showing extremely suspicious Facebook trends across all artists emerged; other responses may be forthcoming.

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