Magnets and your drive: sworn enemies from the beginning, erasing all your data, and leaving you sad and hopeless. We at Gobbler, however, are here to initiate the peace treaty (being all about world peace and such). Confused? Let us take a look at the popular myth:

The Myth: Magnets will zap your data.

The Rationale: Ever try to go back to your hotel room after a long night out, and realize that a magnet made your key card unusable? Or have the same experience on a larger level with your floppy drive? Magnets will even ruin VHS tapes because the data is originally written by rearranging magnetic forces. A strong enough magnet, then, would be able to mess up those forces.

The Verdict: People once lived in caves too, but technology has changed. Magnets and hard drives may live peacefully together once again, without erasing anything. With older technology, like floppy drives, magnets will still erase the data. Modern manufacturers, however, use more advanced materials and shielding to prevent a consumer-grade magnet from destroying a hard drive. To increase the storage capacity, higher coercivity materials are used, thereby decreasing the magnets’ effects. Nowadays, only stronger electro-magnets like the laboratory degaussers or those used by government agencies will wipe off your data (but we’ll assume that you don’t have any of those lying around).

We have to issue one warning, though. Now, don’t go around rubbing magnets on your hard drive just because Gobbler said so. Although there are many sources to back up what we are saying in this post, there is still a chance that a strong enough magnet can corrupt some of your data. It’s recoverable, but you can never be too safe.

Save yourself the trouble of having to debunk a data recovery myth on your own by backing up your projects in multiple locations. An off-site solution like Gobbler should be one, out of at least three places you have your files backed up to ensure that you never lose a file again.

Do you have a hard drive myth that you’ve tried or would like us to look into? Drop a note in the comments below!

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