According to ComScore, there are over 110 million American mobile consumers with smartphones (50.9% with Google Android and 31.9% with iPhones). Your phone is your alarm, calendar, email, distraction for when you’re bored in a meeting, TV – and don’t forget it’s still a phone – all rolled into one. Why not add another item to that list? We are going to show you 4 indispensible ways to turn your phone into your personal music career builder.

Get educated: stay up to date on your music reading!

-    Pocket Hipster: Learn about the songs as two avatar hipsters sneer at your music collection and suggest alternatives to listen to.

-    Hype Machine Radio: Read about artists on various MP3 blogs as you listen to their music.

Get skilled: practice on the go!

-       Drum Kit Lite: Practice the drums on a 6-piece set wherever you go.

-       Guitar Toolkit: Take your music tablature files with you everywhere and either read your music in standard notation or on a guitar fretboard (lefty included!) or piano. Comes with some songs and has the ability for you to download others. ($9.99)

Get engaged: create your own app to engage your fans by using groups like Mobile Roadie or MobBase! Here are a few examples of artists that have already made theirs:

-       Slash360: Slash’s new app not only promotes recent albums, but allows users to be interactive and see the members in a 360 view playing various songs in the studio.

-       Throw Me The Statue: This app lets fans stay up to date with this band’s latest songs, tweets, videos, blog posts, and photos all in one convenient place.

And last but not least: Get paid!

-       Tip5: Allows musicians to perform on the street, set up an account, and receive mobile donations from folks who send a text to Tip5 and pay through PayPal.

-       CD Baby’s MusicStore: For free, create a customizable widget to sell your music on your Facebook page, blog, or wherever you want to put it. If it’s online, then it can be accessed by your fans on whatever platform they’re on!

And don’t forget, the Gobbler mobile app is available on iTunes so that you can access and transfer your files on the go!

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