Rob Papen is the master of sound design. He’s put out a ton of plug-ins that are not only extraordinarily powerful but also contain extremely versatile User Interfaces, which is quite the challenge in the music technology world. This week we’re giving away not one, but two copies of Rob Papen’s eXplorer II bundle containing almost all of his prized plug-ins as well as 2 copies of Rob’s new book titled The Secrets of Subtractive Synthesis: The 4 Element Synth. We’ve read the book at Gobbler HQ and with 10 hours of DVD footage, it’s sure to keep you busy as you dig deeper into this master’s insight into the world of subtractive synthesis!


To be eligible to win you must complete both of these super simple steps.

1. Enter your info into the Gobbler/Rob Papen sign up list below.

2. Go to Gobbler’s Twitter or Facebook pages and RT or share the Gobbler’s Favorite Things post of the day (denoted by #gobblersfavthings).

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eXplorer 2
This inspirational bundle holds all 9 RP products:

Blade: The cutting edge of today’s synthesizers!
Punch: Speaker busting and body rattling drum machine.
BLUE: Crossfusion synthesis. FM, phase distortion, wave shapping & subtractive.
SubBoomBass: Ultra-deep groove bass synth with built-in step sequencer.
Predator: Phat analoge synth with killer presets and first class features.
PredatorFX: Filter, modulation, vocoder and effects plug-in.
RG: Electric & acoustic guitar grooves with sequencer and synth effects.
RP-Delay: Delay insanity. reverser, 6 lines, 8 filters, 4 LFOs & more.
RP-Verb: An advanced, transparent and musical algorithm reverb with easy controls.
RP-Distort: Wicked FX unit that will distort or alter your tracks.


The secrets of subtractive synthesis “The 4 Element Synth”  

Rob Papen is a globally renowned sound designer whose sounds and virtual synthesizers are used and loved by many synthesizer players and music producers.

This 200+ page book, which is accompanied by four DVDs with over 10 hours of content, gives an in-depth insight into his approach of working with subtractive synthesis.

In 2001, Rob Papen began giving exclusive masterclasses teaching ‘synthesizer sound design” in his studio. For these training sessions, Rob developed his own method to explain the secrets of subtractive synthesis, called “The 4 Element Synth”.
This masterclass training is now transformed into a combined book and DVD package that also delivers numerous ‘tips and tricks’ which will help you to design and tweak your own sounds. Throughout the masterclass, a variety of hardware and software synthesizers are explored.

We are sure this synthesizer sound design training is an eye-opener for every synthesizer player, from novice to pro. A must have for everyone who takes his sounds seriously!


1. To enter: RT via Twitter or share via Facebook the Gobbler/Rob Papen post (marked #gobblersfavthings) for the particular day of the contest AND enter your info into the Gobbler/Rob Papen sign up list on this blog post.
2. Contest starts 8:00:00AM PST 2/27/13 and ends 11:59:59PM PST on 3/3/13.
3. Two (2) winners will be announced 3/4/13 and two (2) winners will win one (1) eXplorer II and one (1) Secrets of Subtractive Synthesis: The 4 Element Synth Book/DVD Pack.
4. All contestants must be at least 18 years of age to enter.
5. Gobbler may amend or terminate this program at its sole discretion.